Number 4/25 (December 2015)

Analysis of Energy and Power Generation in a Photovoltaic Micro installation Interconnected with a Low Voltage Grid

Publication date: 2015-12-21
DOI: 10.12736/issn.2300-3022.2015410
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Keywords: renewable energy sources, photovoltaic micro installation, low-voltage distribution grid

The paper discusses the performance of the 15 kW photovoltaic micro installation located on the roof of building D-1 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology. The micro installation is connected to the low voltage grid, which supplies the new, air-conditioned building D-20. The paper discusses the energy and power generation output in yearly, monthly, and daily intervals. The micro installation’s output in the summer morning peaks is compared with the daily wind generation against the background of the demand, generation, regulation reserve, and overhauls in the National Power System.

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