Number 4/25 (December 2015)

Intelligent MV Switchgear as an Element of Smart Grid Network

Publication date: 2015-12-21
DOI: 10.12736/issn.2300-3022.2015409
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Keywords: intelligent switchgear, RLSi, Smart Grids, IEC 61850, GOOSE, intelligent hybrid current-voltage transducers, HPPN, electronic module, intelligent bay controller

In the paper the family of intelligent switchgears, developed by a consortium formed by Tele and Radio Research Institute, Transformex sp. o.o., Elektromontaż Lublin and Łodź University of Technology, has been presented as an element of a Smart Grid power network. The switchgear has been equipped with innovative, hybrid current-voltage transducers made using multilayer printed circuit board technology. In the paper the concept of the switchgear, the construction of the transducers and the electronic module integrating the transducer with protection relay input circuit have been described. The intelligent bay controller implemented in the switchgear contains several modules such as Smart Metering, Smart Control, Smart Communication (IEC 61850) and integrates easily with Smart Grid power networks. The bay controller is additionally equipped with a circuit breaker (CB) diagnostics module (Smart Diagnostics), which analyses CB parameters during its operation. It generates early warning signals about imminent failure likely to happen between periodic inspections and in this way enhances the reliability and safety of network operation. The switchgear contains also the fault recorder and criterion recorder (Smart Recorder/Logger), that facilitates diagnosing the failure events.

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