Number 1/30 (March 2017)

Universal Current Transformer for Accurate Measurement of Short-circuit Currents

Publication date: 2017-03-30
DOI: 10.12736/issn.2300-3022.2017109
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Keywords: current transformer, aperiodic time constant, short circuit tests

The paper presents the design of a special current transformer developed by the Institute of Power Engineering in cooperation with TRANSFORMEX sp. z o.o. The aim of the project was to obtain current transformers allowing not only a thorough transformation of symmetrical currents – which is characteristic for typical current transformers, but also of asymmetrical shortcircuit currents containing an aperiodic component, which are not reproduced by classic current transformers. A current transformer has been developed with a range of short-circuit currents established from 1 kA to 50 kA, and short-circuit currents with an aperiodic component with a decay time constant up to 200 ms, peak value from 2.5 kA to 125 kA, assuming the possibility of five-fold repetition of short circuits with the same value and the same constant component polarity, with the assumed transformation accuracy.

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