Numer 3/32 (September 2017)

Współpraca instalacji ORC z kotłem gazowym jako perspektywiczny układ kogeneracyjny dla gospodarstw domowych

Data publikacji: 2017-09-30
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Słowa kluczowe: microcogeneration, ORC, prosumer technology

This paper reports tests of an innovative micro-CHP unit prototype, consisting of a traditional gas boiler and organic Rankine cycle (ORC), which incorporates original system components such as an axial vapour microturbine, evaporator and condenser. The system co-generates heat and electricity for a single household or a group of households. Electricity is only a by-product during production of heat. While testing the prototype, temperatures of the ORC working fluid and condenser cooling water were measured, as well as the heat flows, electricity output, and the efficiency of the entire system were estimated. It has been shown that the tested system can produce 1 kWe of electricity, and a typical home gas boiler can at the same time act as an autonomous source of heat for heating purposes and for the production of saturated/superheated ethanol vapour in the ORC system. In the authors’ opinion, a commercially available gas boiler, additionally equipped with an ORC module with an ecological working fluid, may be considered a perspective co-generation unit for future households located outside the system heat supply.

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