Wilhelm Rojewski

 Wilhelm Rojewski

Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Wrocław University of Technology (1973). Obtained his PhD of sciences at the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering of his alma mater (1977) where he is currently employed as a lecturer. Deals with electrical power engineering safety automation, control and regulation in electrical power systems and with the conditions of cooperation of dispersed energy sources and wind farms with the electrical power system.

Article list:

  1. The method of linear optimisation of the permissible wind power generation in the transmission grid nodes
  2. Estimating Voltage Asymmetry Making by One Phase Micro-generator in Low Voltage Network
  3. Technical Conditions of Microgenerator Connection to a Low Voltage Network Taking Into Account Valid Rules and Practices Applied in Europe and Poland
  4. The Effect of Phase-to-earth Faults on the Operating Conditions of a Separated 110 kV Grid Normally Operated with Effectively Earthed Neutral, and Temporarily Supplied from a Compensated 110 kV Grid
  5. Analysis of Energy and Power Generation in a Photovoltaic Micro installation Interconnected with a Low Voltage Grid
  6. Pseudo-random Simulation of Synchronous Interconnections of Polish and German 110 kV Grids