Paweł Wlazło

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, Electronics Department, specialty – Automation; M.Sc. Eng. Automation Specialist (1993). At present head of ICT and Electronics Centre at the Tele & Radio Research Institute in Warsaw. His research interests include: communication and information technologies in power protection and monitoring equipment, user defined logic in bay controllers, smart power grids, measurement and diagnostic equipment. Author and co-author of several patents in the field of electronics and power engineering. Leader and member of a dozen or so research and development projects involving, among others, implementation of bay controllers. Laureate of many individual and joint prizes for innovative solutions and their implementations, e.g. Medal from the Association of French Inventors and Manufacturers AIFF for Programmable Bay Controller for Electrical Smart Grids – MUPASZ 710 plus – 2013.

Article list:

  1. Intelligent Current Sensors as Part of Smart Grid Network
  2. New Quality of Current Measurement in Power Switchgear with the Use of PCB Sensors
  3. Intelligent MV Switchgear as an Element of Smart Grid Network
  4. Planning and Monitoring of Production Output and Electricity Consumption with Consideration of the Production Profile
  5. The Power Substation Smart Management SSC System as a Smart Grid Element