Jan Olak

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, Electrical Department, Industrial Electrotechnics (1961). In the years 1975–1976 – one year postgraduate Studium concerning Electrical Apparatuses at the same University and then in the years 1989-1990 one year postgraduate studies concerning High Voltage Electrical Apparatuses. His research interests include equipment for power industry and current and voltage transformers. Author and co-author of numerous manufactured LV, MV and HV measuring transformers, honoured with many awards and distinctions such as Silver Cross of Merits – President of Poland, Warsaw 1990; medal and title “Meritorious for Inventiveness and Rationalization” – Prime Minister, Warsaw 1986, Joint Award of the Polish Atomic Agency President: “Development of the low energy prototype electron accelerator EAK400/100 for radiation technologies” – XII 1990. Author of 20 patents in the field of power engineering (measuring transformers, auxiliary transformers etc.).

Article list:

  1. Intelligent MV Switchgear as an Element of Smart Grid Network
  2. Universal Current Transformer for Accurate Measurement of Short-circuit Currents