Acta Energetica contributes to the promotion of knowledge useful in the development of scientific expertise and practical applications of this expertise in business projects.
The journal is distributed to various institutions, ranging from universities, research libraries, research institutes and energy industry companies, to associations and organisations in the local energy sector. The quarterly is also published in English so that about 200 copies of each issue go to the international research centres with a view to spread scientific activity.

The magazine is targeted at professionals – engineers and technicians, managers, university staff and power engineering students. One of the strategic objectives of Acta Energetica is to support cooperation between science and industry. The quarterly provides a platform to exchange ideas and experiences between representatives of science and industry.

Providing the resources of Acta Energetica freely in electronic format is intended to help spread new knowledge promoted in the journal. The Acta Energetica website offers additional opportunities to promote cooperation between scientific and business communities. It offers the possibility to publish material at a high professional level in a form that does not fit within the printed version.

The publisher constantly carries out activities aimed at confirming Acta Energetica journal’s high position among the scientific publications related to the theme of power. The aim is to place the quarterly on the lists of the most prestigious scientific publications, which will also affect the position of authors publishing in its pages.

The quarterly is provided with the technical, organisational and financial conditions for operation, which ensure its further development.